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Title   Journal   Publication Date   Newsletter Issue  
The Endothelium Solves Problems That Endothelial Cells Do Not Know Exist
McCarron, JG; Lee, MD; Wilson, C
Trends Pharmacol Sci 2017-02-14 2.05 | Feb 20
Lipoprotein(a) and Inflammation: A Dangerous Duet Leading to Endothelial Loss of Integrity
Pirro, M; Bianconi, V; Paciullo, F; Mannarino, MR; Bagaglia, F; Sahebkar, A
Pharmacol Res 2017-02-20 2.05 | Feb 20
Direct Effects of Anti-Angiogenic Therapies on Tumor Cells: VEGF Signaling
Simon, T; Gagliano, T; Giamas, G
Trends Mol Med 2017-02-03 2.04 | Feb 6
Neutrophil-Mediated Vascular Barrier Injury: Role of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps
Meegan, JE; Yang, X; Coleman, DC; Jannaway, M; Yuan, SY
Microcirculation 2017-01-24 2.03 | Jan 30
The Role of the Endothelium in Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Green, CE; Turner, AM
Respir Res 2017-01-18 2.02 | Jan 23
A Journey into the Brain: Insight into How Bacterial Pathogens Cross Blood–Brain Barriers
Coureuil, M; Lécuyer, H; Bourdoulous, S; Nassif, X
Nat Rev Microbiol 2017-01-16 2.01 | Jan 16
Reverse Transendothelial Cell Migration in Inflammation: To Help or to Hinder?
Burn, T; Alvarez, JI
Cell Mol Life Sci 2016-12-26 2.00 | Jan 9
Of Hemangioblast, Hemogenic Endothelium and Primitive versus Definitive Hematopoiesis
Lacaud, G; Kouskoff, V
Exp Hematol 2016-12-30 2.00 | Jan 9
Vascular Inter-Regulation of Inflammation: Molecular and Cellular Targets for CNS Therapy
Machado-Pereira, M; Santos, T; Bernardino, L; Ferreira, R
J Neurochem 2016-12-07 1.36 | Dec 12
Gene Delivery Nanoparticles to Modulate Angiogenesis
Kim, J; Mirando, AC; Popel, AS; Green, JJ
Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2016-11-30 1.35 | Dec 5
The Role of GATA2 in Lethal Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness
Rodriguez-Bravo, V; Carceles-Cordon, M; Hoshida, Y; Cordon-Cardo, C; Galsky, MD; Domingo-Domenech, J
Nat Rev Urol 2016-11-22 1.34 | Nov 28
Vascular Endothelium in Diabetes
Goligorsky, MS
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2016-11-16 1.33 | Nov 21
The Role of CC-Chemokines in the Regulation of Angiogenesis
Ridiandries, A; Tan, JT; Bursill, CA
Int J Mol Sci 2016-11-08 1.32 | Nov 14
Exploring Novel Methods for Modulating Tumor Blood Vessels in Cancer Treatment
Wong, PP; Bodrug, N; Hodivala-Dilke, KM
Curr Biol 2016-11-07 1.31 | Nov 7
Redox Regulation of Transient Receptor Potential Channels in the Endothelium
Pires, PW; Earley, S
Microcirculation 2016-11-03 1.31 | Nov 7
Human Endothelial Cell Models in Biomaterial Research
Hauser, S; Jung, F; Pietzsch, J
Trends Biotechnol 2016-10-24 1.30 | Oct 31
Modulating Putative Endothelial Progenitor Cells for the Treatment of Endothelial Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes
Wils, J; Favre, J; Bellien, J
Pharmacol Ther 2016-10-20 1.30 | Oct 31
Vascular Adaptation in Pregnancy and Endothelial Dysfunction in Preeclampsia
Boeldt, DS; Bird, IM
J Endocrinol 2016-10-11 1.29 | Oct 24
Contribution of Pericyte Paracrine Regulation of the Endothelium to Angiogenesis
Caporali, A; Martello, A; Miscianinov, V; Maselli, D; Vono, R; Spinetti, G
Pharmacol Ther 2016-10-11 1.28 | Oct 17
Endothelial Cell Senescence and Thrombosis: Aging Clots
Bochenek, ML; Schütz, E; Schäfer, K
Thromb Res 2016-09-20 1.27 | Oct 3
Natural Products against Cancer Angiogenesis
Khalid, EB; Ayman, EE; Rahman, H; Abdelkarim, G; Najda, A
Tumour Biol 2016-09-20 1.26 | Sep 26
Vasculogenesis and Its Cellular Therapeutic Applications
Ratajska, A; Jankowska-Steifer, E; Czarnowska, E; Olkowski, R; Gula, G; Niderla-Bielińska, J; Flaht-Zabost, A; Jasińska, A
Cells Tissues Organs 2016-09-22 1.26 | Sep 26
Limb Ischemia and Vessel Regeneration: Is There a Role for VEGF?
Jazwa, A; Florczyk, U; Grochot-Przeczek, A; Krist, B; Loboda, A; Jozkowicz, A; Dulak, J
Vascul Pharmacol 2016-09-10 1.25 | Sep 19
Role of Angiogenic Factors of Herbal Origin in Regulation of Molecular Pathways that Control Tumor Angiogenesis
Kumar, M; Dhatwalia, SK; Dhawan, D
Tumour Biol 2016-09-10 1.24 | Sep 12
Autophagy in Vascular Endothelial Cells
Jiang, F
Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 2016-08-25 1.23 | Aug 29
The Role of Integrins in TGFβ Activation in the Tumor Stroma
Khan, Z; Marshall, JF
Cell Tissue Res 2016-08-12 1.22 | Aug 22
Cell–Cell Junctional Mechanotransduction in Endothelial Remodeling
Dorland, YL; Huveneers, S
Cell Mol Life Sci 2016-08-09 1.21 | Aug 15
Endothelial Progenitor Cells as Shuttle of Anticancer Agents
Laurenzana, A; Margheri, F; Chilla’, A; Biagioni, A; Margheri, G; Calorini, L; Fibbi, G; Del, Rosso, M
Hum Gene Ther 2016-08-08 1.21 | Aug 15
Connexins in Endothelial Barrier Function – Novel Therapeutic Targets Countering Vascular Hyperpermeability
Soon, AS; Chua, JW; Becker, DL
Thromb Haemost 2016-08-04 1.20 | Aug 8
Metformin and Angiogenesis in Cancer – Revisited
Kannarkatt, J; Alkharabsheh, O; Tokala, H; Dimitrov, NV
Oncology 2016-08-03 1.20 | Aug 8
Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells: Physiology and Role in Liver Diseases
Poisson, J; Lemoinne, S; Boulanger, C; Durand, F; Moreau, R; Valla, D; Rautou, PE
J Hepatol 2016-07-13 1.19 | Jul 25
KSHV-Mediated Angiogenesis in Tumor Progression
Purushothaman, P; Uppal, T; Sarkar, R; Verma, SC
Viruses 2016-07-20 1.19 | Jul 25
Endothelial Cell Dysfunction as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Atherosclerosis
Jensen, HA; Mehta, JL
Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther 2016-07-14 1.18 | Jul 18
Concise Review: Functional Definition of Endothelial Progenitor Cells: A Molecular Perspective
Patel, J; Donovan, P; Khosrotehrani, K
Stem Cells Transl Med 2016-07-05 1.17 | Jul 11
The Annexin A2 System and Angiogenesis
Liu, W; Haijar, KA
Biol Chem 2016-07-01 1.16 | Jul 4
Mathematical Models of Contrast-Agent Transport Kinetics for Imaging of Cancer Angiogenesis: A Review
Turco, S; Wijkstra, H; Mischi, M
IEEE Rev Biomed Eng 2016-06-22 1.15 | Jun 27
Role of PGC-1α in Vascular Regulation: Implications for Atherosclerosis
Kadlec, AO; Chabowski, D; Ait-Aissa, K; Gutterman, DD
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2016-06-16 1.14 | Jun 20
Vascular CaMKII: Heart and Brain in your Arteries
Toussaint, F; Charbel, C; Allen, BG; Ledoux, J
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 2016-06-15 1.14 | Jun 20
Antagonist Antibodies to Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 2 (VEGFR-2) as Anti-Angiogenic Agents
Falcon, BL; Chintharlapalli, S; Uhlik, MT; Pytowski, B
Pharmacol Ther 2016-06-08 1.13 | Jun 13
Molecular Pathways: Endothelial Cell FAK-A Target for Cancer Treatment
Roy-Luzarraga, M; Hodivala-Dilke, K
Clin Cancer Res 2016-06-04 1.12 | Jun 6
In Vitro Models for Assessing Therapeutic Angiogenesis
Sanz-Nogués, C; O’Brien T
Drug Discov Today 2016-06-01 1.12 | Jun 6
EphrinB2/EphB4 Pathway in Postnatal Angiogenesis: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease
Yang, D; Jin, C; Ma, H; Huang, M; Shi, GP; Wang, J; Xiang, M
Angiogenesis 2016-05-23 1.11 | May 30
Regulation of Endothelial Homeostasis, Vascular Development and Angiogenesis by the Transcription Factor ERG
Shah, AV; Birdsey, GM; Randi, AM
Vascul Pharmacol 2016-05-18 1.11 | May 30
Endothelial Progenitor Cells: Are They Displaying a Function in Autoimmune Disorders?
Ferrante, A; Guggino, G; Di Liberto, D; Ciccia, F; Cipriani, P; Balistreri, CR; Sireci, G; Giacomelli, R; Triolo, G
Mech Ageing Dev 2016-05-03 1.10 | May 16
Redox Regulation of Ischemic Angiogenesis – Another Aspect of Reactive Oxygen Species
Watanabe, Y; Cohen, RA; Matsui, R
Circ J 2016-05-06 1.09 | May 9
The Role of Lymphangiogenesis and Angiogenesis in Tumor Metastasis
Paduch, R
Cell Oncol 2016-04-28 1.08 | May 2
Endothelial Cell Responses to Biomechanical Forces in Lymphatic Vessels
Sabine, A; Saygili Demir, C; Petrova, TV
Antioxid Redox Signal 2016-04-20 1.07 | Apr 25
Positive Feedback Loop between Cancer Stem Cells and Angiogenesis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Yao, H; Liu, N; Lin, MC; Zheng, J
Cancer Lett 2016-04-20 1.07 | Apr 25
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryo as a Platform for the Identification of Novel Angiogenesis Inhibitors of Retinal Vascular Diseases
Rezzola, S; Paganini, G; Semeraro, F; Presta, M; Tobia, C
Biochim Biophys Acta 2016-05-13 1.06 | Apr 18
BM Aging: Implication for Cell Therapy with EPCs
Rurali, E; Bassetti, B; Perrucci, GL; Zanobini, M; Malafronte, C; Achilli, F; Gambini, E
Mech Ageing Dev 2016-04-01 1.05 | Apr 11
Therapeutic Potential of Human-Derived Endothelial-Colony Forming Cells in Animal Models
Tasev, D; Koolwijk, P; van Hinsbergh, VW
Tissue Eng Part B Rev 2016-03-31 1.04 | Apr 4
Endothelial Cell Dysfunction in Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy
Belleri, M; Presta, M
J Neurosci Res 2016-04-01 1.04 | Apr 4
Physical Activity and Progenitor Cell-Mediated Endothelial Repair in Chronic Heart Failure: Is There a Role for Epigenetics?
Recchioni, R; Marcheselli, F; Antonicelli, R; Lazzarini, R; Mensà, E; Testa, R; Procopio, AD; Olivieri, F
Mech Ageing Dev 2016-03-22 1.03 | Mar 28
Mitochondrial Signaling in the Vascular Endothelium: Beyond Reactive Oxygen Species
Kadlec, AO; Beyer, AM; Ait-Aissa, K; Gutterman, DD
Basic Res Cardiol 2016-05-11 1.02 | Mar 21
When the Endothelium Scores an Own Goal: Endothelial Cells Actively Augment Metastatic Extravasation through Endothelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Gasparics, Á; Rosivall, L; Krizbai, IA; Sebe, A
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2016-03-18 1.02 | Mar 21
Concise Review: Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Regenerative Medicine: Applications and Challenges
Chong, MS; Ng, WK; Chan, JK
Stem Cells Transl Med 2016-03-08 1.01 | Mar 14
Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) in Aging and Age-Related Diseases: How Currently Available Treatment Modalities Affect EPC Biology, Atherosclerosis, and Cardiovascular Outcomes
Altabas, V; Altabas, K; Kirigin, L
Mech Ageing Dev 2016-02-23 1.00 | Mar 7